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Susie Hardie
Susie Hardie has conducted choirs in France, Canada and New Zealand for over 20 years.

She was born in Angola, where her Brazilian parents were missionaries. She has lived in 9 different countries in 5 continents, and speaks several languages. Her extensive experience abroad has given her a passion for music from around the world.

She was the assistant director of the Hutt Valley Community Choir since 2011, working alongside Julian Raphael. She has became the director of the choir in 2016, working alongside her accompanist, Jane Coles.She has presented workshops at an Early Childhood Conference, Royal Schools of Church Choirs, Singing at Silverstream, and at the St. James children's choir holiday programme.

She has a Bachelor of Arts - Music Performance and a Bachelor of Education. She is a French and Music teacher at Queen Margaret College, where she conducts 2 choirs and 2 wind bands. She has specialist training in the Kodály Method of music education.

She is married to Richard Hardie and has 2 daughters, Laura aged 17 and Sophia aged 14.
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