About Me

Max Maxwell
I have had an interest in music all my life, starting with learning piano and guitar when I was a child in Scotland. In my teen years it was playing Bass, Organ or rhythm guitar in bands and since then I have studied flute and recorder, picked up an interest in African drumming and for the past three years have played in a marimba band, Mhara Marimba

My conducting roots lie with Heaven Bent Gospel Choir. I had been singing with the choir for 7 years and around 10 years ago, since I had a background in music, I arranged a piece for the choir. As I arranged it, I got to conduct it and (yes, you know what is coming) immediately became assistant conductor. I ended up leading the choir for 7 years before leaving to pursue my own groups.

Leading singing is my passion in life, and I now have two choirs and run singing workshops throughout NZ. I have worked with many choirs in different parts of the country. Another musical passion is teaching ukulele and I run beginner and intermediate workshops here in Auckland and around the country.
Auckland & Northland


SingForJoy Mt Eden
SingForJoy Devonport
The choirs are open to all-comers and the aim is to create community and joy through group singing. The repertoire is eclectic embracing many genres including Gospel, African, Celtic, Taize, Pop, Folk, Maori, Pacific, Renaissance. We present 2 major concerts and do smaller gigs each year.

I also lead an Intermediate level ukulele group, Uke N Sing where my focus is on creating multi-instrument, multi-harmony exciting arrangements, and I run beginner and intermediate workshops regularly.

I lead one day or weekend workshops both in singing and ukulele throughout NZ. Recent trips have included Christchurch, Timaru and Wellsford with Nelson coming up shortly. I would be happy to discuss working with your choir or running workshops in your area, and am well networked and can help you organise workshops in Auckland.