About Me

Namakau Nalumango
I, Namakau Nalumango, was born and raised in Barotseland – the Western part of current-day Zambia - at the centre of Southern Africa. The stories I tell and the music that accompanies each song is either a lived experience or my expression of it.Storytelling & Singing has been a big part of my upbringing both at family and community levels. Growing up multi-lingual, singing in foreign languages facilitated learning to navigate the languages. My song repertoire attests to my romantic flare with several languages: Silozi, English, French and several African languages, including Setswana. My interest in African Traditional Music was ignited by a project that saw the rise of AMASHIWI – a Zambian All-Female A Cappella Group that enchanted all of Zambia and Japan – 1999 to 2000. African Village Sounds brings such African experience to those not able to travel to Africa to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Come and delight your soul by singing with me in a foreign language!