About Me

Lala Simpson
Lala SIMPSON is a song leader from Madagascar where she grew up singing and dancing in various community groups. She spent her childhood and youth singing and performing songs in Malagasy, French and English.
She is passionate about sharing the music from her homeland and bringing music to everyone, providing opportunities for communities to experience the magic of music.
Currently, she leads two choirs and runs music classes for preschoolers and primary school children and acts as guest conductor to community choirs around Wellington. She also runs singing workshops around New Zealand, teaching her own original songs and songs from Madagascar.
Lala is also a singer and performs the songs of Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel.
Wellington City


Manawa Ora Children Community Choir
A choir for children aged 7-11 years old, singing songs from around the world, learning solfege and playing with rhythms. The choir aims to build an inter-generational and cross-cultural connections in the community. We perform and run interactive singing in rest homes, cultural gatherings and Festivals.
Voices for Madagascar
A small choir of 12 members singing traditional and original songs from Madagascar. We raise money to support community projects and other charities in Madagascar.