Su Hart Tour

Su Hart revisits our shores this January & February, with a comprehensive list of workshops visiting main centres throughout the country. SLNA are sponsoring a day of workshops on 9th February by this renowned UK song leader, featuring her special connection with the music of the Baka Rainforest people of Cameroon, her own compositions, and a special early morning workshop of devotional singing. The day concludes with a special workshop for song leaders.

Su has spent many years visiting and singing with rainforest Forest people in Central Africa. The Baka ware thought to be the first humans to sing and Su has developed her own compositions leaning on the experiences of the polyphonic interlocked vocal style and hocketing. We will learn to sing some of her work which Is now sung by UK choirs as well as song from rainforest and a touch of interlocking song from the tundra of Canada (Inuit song) which inspired her. There is great benefit in finding ways to improve melding a choir sound. In this practical session Su will share some ideas to improve listening and keeping the joy, playfulness and openness to our singing communities.

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